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Medical Billing System

Billing system for a ophthalmic laboratory serving OHP Medicaid and wholesale eyecare providers. The system enables management of frames, lenses, and materials, patients, doctors, and insurance companies. Automation tools include batch orders import for billing preparation and EDI file generation.

Company Background

Sweep Optical is a well-established company that has been serving OHP Medicaid and wholesale eyecare providers since 1992. They pride themselves on offering exceptional service, an amazing selection, and incredible value in eyewear. Sweep Optical has earned the trust and confidence of more than 250 eyecare providers who regularly order from their lab. Their commitment to their clients is evident in their dedication to provide value and service, making them a reliable choice for eyecare providers.

The challenge

Sweep Optical was confronting the significant challenge of processing medical billing for hundreds of orders at a time while managing sensitive data. They needed to get the order information from a spreadsheet, encompassing patient details, prescription information, and frames and lens materials, into a billing system that could automate the process, apply the correct medical billing codes and modifiers, and generate an EDI file.

The solution

Hyperfly Developers crafted a comprehensive medical-billing management system for Sweep Optical. This solution securely imports and encrypts sensitive order information from spreadsheets, updates patient records, and supports Medicaid billing via EDI. The system significantly improved efficiency by automating the preparation of orders, correctly applying medical billing codes and modifiers, thereby saving countless hours of manual work. This solution transformed Sweep Optical's billing process into a streamlined and secure operation.


Merlene Reynolds

Billing Dept. Lead

"We are a lab that makes eyeglasses for Oregon State Medicaid as well as wholesale glasses for doctor's. Over the years we have hired several developers to make a custom program to reduce the huge amount of data entry required for our business, there were always problems and we were never never able to complete the process. When we found Hyperfly we were able to put together our own custom program for our unique needs. The program is awesome, it is saving so much time that it will definitely pay for itself quickly, it catches errors and does exactly what we need for processing our orders and getting the invoices out quickly, it also interfaces well with other programs. Brian and Katie always respond quickly and are a joy to work with. I can not say enough about the success we have had working with Hyperfly."