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A complete trucking dispatch platform with invoicing, automated transport permits quotes, integrated email invoice delivery, document scanning, account and payments integration, document management, and more.

This case study brief is a summary of one aspect of the platform, which focuses on automating state-by-state permits so truck drivers can order them instantly.

Company Background

TruckTabs is a new platform in the trucking industry, built to provide innovative technology and services to small trucking companies and owner operators. Designed for speed and accessibility, it caters to the time-sensitive demands of the transportation business and allows users to manage their accounts from any device.

The challenge

TruckTabs faced the challenge of streamlining the process of obtaining trip permits, a complex and time-consuming task given the myriad of state-by-state regulations and specific requirements for vehicles operating in the trucking industry. These temporary permits have diverse requirements that vary based on the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and the International Registration Plan (IRP), among others. These complexities are further compounded by the numerous parameters to consider, including the route, type of freight, load dimensions, and weight. TruckTabs needed an automated solution that could simplify these complexities, providing an instant estimate for trucking companies and drivers on the road.

The solution

Hyperfly Developers built the entire web application, including the permit ordering process and comprehensive quoting system. The intuitive, mobile-responsive system guides users through a step-by-step, skip-logic form, automatically generates the trip route and state mileage breakdown, and instantly provides an estimate for the trip permits. This product simplifies the complex process of regulatory compliance for trucking companies, while saving many hours of manual work by the TruckTabs service team.

Below is a demo of the permit quoting system:


The solution simplifies permit ordering for trucking companies, offering a quick and convenient process to estimate costs, place online orders, and make payments. It eliminates manual data collection and the need to search for state-by-state pricing and regulations, saving valuable time for team members.